Late-breaking schedule changes and more!

FoCoMX has arrived! Can you believe it? WE ARE SO EXCITED!! Thank you so much to our 200+ acts and our many volunteers and our sponsors.

Here are a few program changes that you might not be aware of if you have a paper copy of the Scene or Coloradoan schedules… (We will update this post with any changes throughout the festival as time permits!)


Fort Collins Museum of Discovery - 6pm Sometimes Five Jazz Quartet (replacing Triforte).


Pateros Creek - 12:00 - 1:30 - dAsTrangE (replacing Jason Downing and Friends - John Lennon Tribute).


Everyday Joe's, addition to free 1-6 family programming : 1-1:30, Paul and the Green Minstrels, books and songs for a greener planet.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery Dome: Where it reads "A Band and a Movie," the artists are Shannon Fitzsimmons, Mary Sue Thompson, Jared Janzen (and a movie!)

Hodi's Saturday at 6PM is Magic Cyclops (was TBD)

Hodi's 8pm, Sarah and the Meanies (replacing Snake Rattle Rattle Snake).

Surfside 10:30 - 11:30 Party Boys of the Century (replacing Endless Monster).